Fish Processing

We'll take your Salmon, Halibut or other fish and carefully process it

Temporarily for Sept 2023 - All fish must come to us pre-filleted

Fishfull Thinking is your best choice for carefully processed West Coast fresh caught Salmon, Halibut or Cod. We're located in Ucluelet, BC. 

We can clean, fillet, vacuum-pack, flash freeze and custom smoke your prize catch.

Call for Fish Processing and Retail Sales


custom processing rates:

Standard Filleting
Pin bones in, most rib bones removed, fins on, collars removed
$2.50 /lb
Retail Fillet
Pin bones in, ALL rib bones removed, fins removed, collars removed
$3.00 /lb
Skin Off +$0.50 /lb
Cross-section whole fish
$2.50 /lb
Freeze Only
Space Permitting
$0.75 /lb

Based on In-Weight: Cleaned & Per DFO Regulations (Size)


  • Vacuum-pack & flash freezing in approximately 1lb or larger portions
  • 5mil (poly-nylon) freezer pouches
    (For ½ lb portions add $1.00/lb)

We require overnight for flash freezing.
Groups of 6 or more will be charged a 10% service fee.