Fish Processing

We'll take your Salmon, Halibut or other fish and carefully process it

Fishfull Thinking is your best choice for carefully processed West Coast fresh caught Salmon, Halibut or Cod. We're located in Ucluelet, BC. 

We can clean, fillet, vacuum-pack, flash freeze and custom smoke your prize catch.

Call for Fish Processing and Retail Sales


custom processing rates:

Standard Filleting
Pin bones in, most rib bones removed, fins on, collars removed
$2.75 /lb
Retail Fillet
Pin bones in, ALL rib bones removed, fins removed, collars removed
$3.25 /lb
Skin Off +$0.50 /lb
Cross-section whole fish
$2.75 /lb
Freeze Only
Space Permitting
$0.75 /lb

Based on In-Weight: Cleaned & Per DFO Regulations (Size)


  • Vacuum-pack & flash freezing in approximately 1lb or larger portions
  • 5mil (poly-nylon) freezer pouches
    (For ½ lb portions add $1.00/lb)

We require overnight for flash freezing.
Groups of 6 or more will be charged a 10% service fee.